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Wellco Jungle Boot

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Wellco Jungle Boot

Genuine US made jungle boot. Current british army issue

-Rot proof  CORDURA & Leather
-Directly Moulded Sole
-Breather Holes in Instep To Prevent Trench foot
-Spike proof Steel Plate in Sole

When purchasing these boots you need to consider what type of socks you are planning to wear with the boots. For instance, if you are going to wear very thick socks, much thicker socks than you wear with your normal shoes, you will want to take that information into account when choosing an appropriate size.

You can loosen or tighten the boot's fit by adjusting the laces. Since the boots are made of high-quality materials, we advise to break the boots in a bit before you reach your maximum level of comfort.

Wellco Boots are also available in (W) wide, (N) narrow, (M) Medium, (R) regular, and (XW) extra width.

Grade 1 - All excellent condition